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1423 NW 70th Street, Seattle WA    






A studio committed to supporting
freedom in mind, motion & creative courageous living,
 somatics, meditation, yoga, dance and the arts


"No creature ever falls short of its own completion.
  Wherever it stands it does not fail to cover the ground." - Dogen Zenji, 1233

 "Soma:  the body perceived from within." - Thomas Hanna

 in the Ballard Neighborhood since 2003

Jean Hindle is the founder of Soma Yoga and Soma Yoga & Dance Studio

  I have been a somatic movement educator, dancer, yoga & meditation teacher,
 in Seattle for 30 years.
My teaching draws strongly from Somatic disciplines (Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais,
 Skinner Releasing Technique, Open Source Forms, The Alexander Technique,
Embodied Anatomy, Continuum, Body Mind Centering, BrainDance neurodevelopmental movement patterns),
meditation practices within the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, yoga and dance.
I founded Soma Yoga in 1998 & Soma Yoga & Dance Studio in 2003.

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Soma Yoga & Dance Studio adheres to strict COVID-19 protocol with great windows
 providing optimal ventilation and cross breeze; And for cooler weather, two powerful air-purifiers.
 Covid Vaccinations required for in studio.


Private Sessions with Jean
by appointment
You may also schedule your own Semi-Private sessions too (2-4).

 Weekly Classes with Jean
in Person
Monday Somatic Movement & Mindfulness Meditation 5:30-6:45pm
Wednesday Soma Yoga 4:30-5:45pm
Tuesday Somatic Movement & Mindfulness Meditation 6:00-7:15pm
Saturday Somatic Movement & Mindfulness Meditation 10:30 - 11:45am

Workshops with Jean
Monthly Somatic Renewal Workshops:
Nurturing Somatics & Loving Kindness Meditation
Time to Unwind, Connect & Renew

1st Sunday of the month   1:00 - 4:00pm
In Person - limited to 5 for covid safety
1st Saturday of the month   1:00 - 4:00pm
pre-registration required   $65/workshop
$110 if you would like to give yourself a full weekend of both days
$70 for those of you who are cuddled up at home for saturday online only
 and wish to add in weekly Somatic Movement online morning class
for a full day home retreat!  
Retreats with Jean

Teaching Practicum Sessions
for professionals wishing to learn how to integrate more somatics, meditation, BrainDance
 into their work (yoga teachers, dance teachers, therapists, school teachers, art teachers, etc..)
please email me to schedule these private and/or semi-private sessions
on how to bring somatics & mindfulness practices into your work

  Workplace Sessions for your Employees:
please contact Jean   see workplace page for details

Other Independent teachers at the studio

artists, teachers, colleagues and neighbors, for studio rental, please contact Jean
dance, theater, film, music and visual artists:
please contact Jean for rental space

Soma Yoga & Dance Studio stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, Asian & Pacific Islanders, immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ+ communities.

if you would like to donate to the studio now, we thank you IMMENSELY!!

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jeanhindle@gmail.com      (206) 782-5044       1423 NW 70th Street      Seattle, Washington   98117