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Jean Hindle

 I have been a somatic movement educator, Yoga & meditation teacher and dancer in Seattle for 30 years.
For 30 years, I have enjoyed supporting students in experiencing freedom in motion, mind and creativity through
 somatics, meditation, Soma Yoga, dance and the arts.
  I founded Soma Yoga in 1998 and Soma Yoga & Dance Studio in 2003.

  My teaching draws strongly from my studie
s, trainings and teaching in meditation practices within the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, Classical Hatha Yoga,
 dance, Skinner Releasing Technique, Open Source Forms, Alexander Technique, Somatic Unwinding, BioSomatics, Hanna Somatics, the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais,
 developmental movement, Embodied Anatomy, Body Mind Centering, BrainDance, QiGong, Classical Hatha Yoga and classical voice training.

   My dance background includes
  Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Afro-Brazilian, Contemporary West African, West African,  Improvisational Dance,
 Contact Improvisation, Low-flying Trapeze Dance, Bungee Dancing, WaterDance, Skinner Releasing Technique and Open Source Forms.
 In addition to Soma Yoga, I have developed SomaDance, Simple Somatic Self Care, Sounding the Body, ArtWorks Meditation, WaterSomatics, WaterDance,
 WaterSomaYoga, Move, ArtWorks! Meditation, SomaYogaDance and Toolkit for Teens & Pre-Teens.

  I sit in huge heartfelt thanks for the courage and teachings of my family, Muriel Brock, my students, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ani Pema Chodron,
 Lama Wangdor Rinpoche, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Phillip Moffitt, Moshe Feldenkrais, Thomas Hanna, Russell Delman, Thomasa Eckert,
 Bob Davidson, Stephanie Skura, Karen Clay, Carol Welch, Bob Smith, Ellen Ziegler, Barry Briggs, Frank And Debra Ching,
 Kevin Spencer,  Melissa Middlebrook, Dora Oliveira, Lara McIntosh, Etienne Cakpo, Daniel Nery Dos Santos Filho (Mestre Pitta),
 Aileen Panke, Manimou Camara, Ann Green-Gilbert and many more!

 I believe that nurturing compassion and allowance within ourselves changes our world.  

.........and "A Dance a Day."  

 "During my session with Jean, she led me through a series of simple movement practices.
  Guided gently by her voice, I was transported from clock time to earth time,
 from the mat in my living room too the depths of my being
 where I experienced great ease and fullness.
  The movement practices are nearly effortless, yet profoundly moving.
  I have found great nourishment in my years of studying with Jean.
 She is unique among teachers in her ability to infuse each session with both profundity and lightness. " 
 - Dana Elkun, Minnesota   

"I've been studying Somatic Movement with Jean Hindle for three months
 and have noticed significant changes in my overall awareness of and comfort in my body.

Somatic Movement & Soma Yoga focus on undoing subtle and often unseen movement habits,
 making it easier to move through the day without discomfort or stress.
 I've noticed that I walk more smoothly and - especially - sit at the computer with more ease (resulting in shoulders that still function at the end of the day).

For those who have some limitation on their movement,
 these practices provide a rich way to engage the body in new ways of moving.

Jean Hindle teaches with meticulous care and precision.
   - Barry Briggs, Arizona

"The best relaxing and rejuvenating way to reconnect to the deliciousness of experiencing my body.
  The combination of her gentle voice and knowledge of physiological references with creative imagery invites an incredible freedom of movement.
  Her guidance makes it so easy to move.  It doesn't feel like a practice; It feels like a gift."
 -  Zoe Nijsten, The Netherlands


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