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On-Site & Online Seminars

Online Assisted Napping: Lying Down Soma Bodyscan Meditation & Daily Rest
1/2 hour

Soma Yoga, Meditation, BrainDance & Somatic Movement Education Programs
Office, Classroom, Art Studio, etc...

Some organizations Jean has worked with:

Antioch University
Sonic Care
Homestreet Bank
Idaho Prevention Conference
Art Institute of Seattle
Pacific Crest School
HUB Seattle
Washington Health Foundation
Greenwood Senior Center
Carnation Senior Center
Bayview Retirement Community


Office Ease: BrainDance, Somatic Movement Education, Meditation & Soma Yoga  

No need to change clothes, no need for a mat. 
These seminars takes place in and around chairs to readily translate to your own office environment.
Unwind postural underpinnings within the body which are no longer serving you in the workplace or your everyday living.
The slow, gentle somatic re-patterning brings release and re-education to habitually contracted musculature.
Learn simple practices to utilize throughout the day when feeling fatigued or scattered.

Learning how to engage with an energizing two minute BrainDance to support cognitive function and movement function.

Sessions are facilitated by Jean Hindle, founder of Soma Yoga and Soma Yoga and Dance Studio

please contact Jean Hindle through the studio to arrange sessions for your company.



Classroom Soma Yoga, Meditation, BrainDance & Somatic Education  

Similar to Office Soma Yoga, students and teachers are guided in simple practices in and around chairs in the classroom to support them throughout the day.

Students gain tools for helping them focus when they feel scattered or overwhelmed.  They will learn practices to support ease in body.
Most importantly, they learn practices to support their peace of mind.


Art Studio Soma Yoga, Meditation, BrainDance & Somatic Education  

These sessions take place right in the studio.  No need to change clothes, no need for a mat.
These sessions will give you tools to settle the monkey mind and ground in the body before opening to creative work in the studio. 

You will be able to take the tools you learn in these sessions into your own studio time.
You will easily be able to bring yourself to a place of focus and balance for your studio time.
And you will have the opportunity to unwind somatic patterns within your body which are no longer serving your art making or your everyday living. 



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